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Put Forth your Ideas

and make them happen.

So many good ideas never get realised because people do not communicate them to the right people or because those that hear them do not act on them.  The Upriver residents have proven under the guidance of and with a "little" help from Tina, Micha and Scott that things can Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster happen.  Other events that happened before this project had started were no less impressive, but this is our chance to make it happen with people we normally do not put our brains and muscles to work with  together. 

So let's hear you ! Put your thoughts in the comments below and share them with all the others who would like to make the Upriver area an even better place to live.  Ideas entered as comment below will be made a separate open issue if this is necessary to give them adequate room for consideration by the community.

If you want to check out ideas put forward by others or the comments made on these. please peruse the ideas and questions listed on Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster the first page of the open issues section. Under each open issue, there is a form in which you can enter your comment. 

Thank you for putting your thought into the Upriver community.


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Michelle Robertson, 29-07-11 16:13:
A direct link to the Upriver market would be great - I only discovered through the newsletter that some of my favorite local vendors participate. It can always be modified once the market season is over. Ex: The market is over for the 2011 season. if you are interested in participating in 2012 contact ...

I will be there Saturday. Cheese!
Michelle Robertson, 29-07-11 16:10:
Since you asked...suggestions for your site.
You may want to add a "Contact Us" item to your menu. It is a familiar menu element for web users.

I would also suggest using a more standard style of hyperlinks. Your hyperlink text is often too long. The links don't stand out enough. The arrow is unnecessary.

Love your site, initiative and newsletter.
How about adding your web address under the Title "Upriver Newsletter" on the first page of the newsletter.

Maybe get a few people with different levels experience to test the site for ease of use.

Only suggestions. You are all doing a great job.


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