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Open Issues

This page lists topics that we invite your response to.  Often suggestions have been made to do this, that or the other thing.  This is our and your chance to exchange thoughts on these projects before they are started.  Please voice your view in the comment section under each article.

We would also like to use this section to solicit your support for projects that have been deemed to be in the interest of the community.

At this stage of the project I would also like to appeal to those who have made the suggestions below, to expand on their ideas and to submit the completed texts by Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer E-Mail e-mail together with the contact data (name, phone number and e-mail address).  We now have room for sufficient information, so please let us use it.  Thank you!  We wish you great success with your ideas.

Share a Ride

Not only does it help the environment by conserving gas, it assists others in getting to events and appointments as well, especially in the winter months when more people feel isolated due to weather conditions. If you are...[more]

Category: open questions, social

New Brunswick Mat Registry Needs your Assistance

The New Brunswick Mat Registry would like you to talk to your family members to find out who has any old mats which are over 25 years old, either made in NB or by a New Brunswicker. The goal of the Mat Registry is to document...[more]

Category: open questions, culture, education

Upriver Signage

one entry in upriver signage contest

We are having a contest! We want everybody to show how proud they are of our Upriver area and create an Upriver sign. It can be any size you want it to be, any shape, any colour; be creative. The one rule is that you have to use...[more]

Category: open questions

Flags for language switch

We tried to create a user-friendly upriver-news.ca .  Part of this concept is also to communicate with our Acadian neighbours in their mother-tongue.  We therefore started to translate the pages into French and one can...[more]

Category: open questions

Put Forth your Ideas

and make them happen. So many good ideas never get realised because people do not communicate them to the right people or because those that hear them do not act on them.  The Upriver residents have proven under the...[more]

Category: open questions

Clean and beautiful

Take pride in our Upriver area and help keep it clean for our future generations.  Is anybody interested in “Adopting a Road?”  Take a bag with you when you go for a walk; let’s have the cleanest place in the...[more]

Category: open questions

Business Showcase at the Green Festival

Once again we want to remind people that the organizers of the Green Family Festival have offered to provide space for any Upriver business to showcase what it is they do and the resources they provide in our area.  Contact...[more]

Category: open questions

Moms at home with small children

Do you have an interest in a “moms and tots group”?  This could mean a time and place you could get out of the house and meet with other moms while the kids can play.  If you are interested, please email Terri at...[more]

Category: open questions


We need your help to make this website as good as the community is that it is supposed to represent and serve. If you would like to help, please check this link.  I would greatly appreciate your help.[more]

Category: open questions

Monthly Seniors Day

Do you want to get involved in a monthly Seniors Day?  What would you like to see games, cards, music, and a meal?  Elma Campbell would love for this to happen but she needs help! Call her 785-4498[more]

Category: open questions

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