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The archive of the Upriver News (printed newsletter)

The Upriver News is published to inform residents and visitors of the upriver area of the Richibucto River of the many events and services the area has to offer.  Therefore the calendar of events and a short description of these events make up the major portion of the printed "Upriver News".  The calendar is located on the last page, the description of the events normally starts on page 2. The first page hosts the editorial, the second page highlights one organisation in the community per month.

The "Upriver News" was first published in April 2010.  It is usually delivered on the first of every month to all Upriver mailboxes without charge.

The following is a list of the editions of the "Upriver News" that have been published.  To download an issue as a .pdf file, please click on the link.  To display  the file you need the Adobe Reader which you can download Öffnet einen externen Link in einem neuen Fenster here, if it should not be installed on your computer.

The "Upriver News" caused a small flood of compliments to the people responsible. Some of them you can read Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster here.  Positive feedback is the best motivation for those who work hard.  If you would like to send some our way regarding the website ;-) you can do it in our Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster online guest book



title of editorial                  

organisation portrayed

September 2011

Report on Upriver Country Market and Shale Gas Exploration

August 2011

Upriver Country Market Opening Day

July 2011

Upriver Country Market

Community Food Mentor Training

June 2011

Upriver Community and Business Directory

Local Governance (LSDs)

May 2011

Upriver Actions

April 2011

Upriver Supports Local

Upriver Literacy

March 2011

Upriver News Spreads

Upriver Country Market and Upriver Directory

Startet das Herunterladen der Datei February 2011

Upriver Food for Thought

The Greenwood Lodge

Startet das Herunterladen der Datei January 2011

Upriver Focus "Buy Local First" Update

Startet das Herunterladen der Datei December 2010

Upriver Focus "Buy Local First"

Startet das Herunterladen der Datei November 2010

Upriver Community Support

Upriver Signage Competition

October 2010

Upriver Survey

Upriver Celebrations

September 2010

Upriver Ideas (on Survey about Upriver Future)

Targettville E-Learning Center (Access Center)

August 2010

Upriver Summertime

Down Home Lounge

July 2010

Upriver Website

Thompson's General Store

June 2010

Upriver Ideas

what we've done so far ...

May 2010

Upriver Food for Thought

Mine Stream Milling

Startet das Herunterladen der Datei April 2010


Green Festival

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