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This website is about the community.  It needs the help of the community.  We need:

information, pictures, documents, time and skills.

Here is how you can help:


Tell us about events you are planning,  send us a report of events in the community you have been to, send us information about the history of the village you live in or of your family or provide us with a (one page maximum) description of your business, club, association, etc.

Please submit texts, in the formats .txt, .doc (not docx!) or .odt only.  In some cases .pdf can be acceptable (please send it to us and we will let you know whether we can use it).


A picture says more than a thousand words.  There is no other medium more suitable to show your pictures than the internet and by doing so to communicate what you want to share with almost everybody.  Please submit pictures relevant to the Upriver area, for example pictures of sites or sightings, of a historical nature, of events, etc.  A picture could also be a company or club logo, a map, etc.

Please submit pictures as files in .jpg format.  Pictures should be a minimum of 800 by 600 pixel.  Please submit only pictures that you have the rights to.  In the case of historic pictures only, we are willing to accept printed pictures after you have advised the website adminstrator, Armin,  by phone (506) 785-9093 or Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer E-Mail e-mail and he has agreed to accept them. 


Documents would either be of a historic nature, such as old deeds, newspaper articles, etc. or new ones such as application forms etc.

Please submit historic ones as a picture (.jpg file minimum 800 by 600 pixel - see above) and new ones as. pdf file.

Please note:

By submitting texts, pictures or documents you grant to us the right to use these on  You also confirm by doing so, that you have the rights to these pictures or that the person who has the rights, has explicitly approved the publication of their pictures on this site. We will credit you in the case of texts above or below the same, in case of pictures that are not placed next to a text provided by you using a copyright link / tag and in the case of documents in the download link, again if not obviuos from the context of your text.

We reserve the right to edit and or shorten text and to change the size of pictures or to crop the same.

time and skills

You can help us to present the information provided to us on  We need editors and translators.

The editors transfer the information provided onto the website.  This also includes integrating pictures and documents, setting links, adding titles and tags. uses a content-management-system and css.  This means that the editors do not need to know html or have any special software or any superior computer skills.  We will train the editors selected and support them via a remote access software if they run into trouble.  So here is your chance to acquire new skills and help your community at the same time.  All you need is some time, reasonably good language and general computer skills as well as a feel for where to place picture. Access to what is called "high-speed" internet is a further pre-requisite.  

It is our goal to make this information available to as many interested people a possible.  The website software is capable of supporting many languages.  It would be our goal to provide most pages in at least English and French and at least some in Mikmaq.  Are there any translators out there who would be willing to support us in achieving this goal?   It would be great if you had a access to so called "high-speed internet", because then you could translate directly in the data base (again we will train - but it is extremely simple).


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