the Upriver project

The Upriver Project

In the Upriver area, like in many other rural areas, the challenge is to ensure the future of our children and our Upriver area because people are moving to the city or out west, areas that seem to promise better lives - although it is quite uncertain that when those leaving look back and at the bottom line, they will feel that they found what they were looking for.  Everything we really need is right here.  That is why so many come back too, but the Upriver area has lost them as family, friends and neighbours and their energy and ideas to shape this area during the best part of their lives.  A loss to them and us who remain behind.

Since December 2009 the United Way and the New Brunswick Department of Social Development are supporting our effort to "stem the tide".  Oor partners' mission in this project is to improve lives and strengthen communities by engaging individuals and mobilising collective action.  There are many people living here who want to get some things started and always have done so.  Since December they had the additional opportunity of sharing their great ideas with Tina Beers, the Community Development Coordinator- Upriver Kent County, that the United Way has made available as mediator and catalyst. 

Tina asked what the people see as need and as niceties and tried to lead the way to make things possible.  And a lot was possible and the new offerings were accepted by the population.  Under Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster achievements you will find a list of what has happened in such a short time. 

What gets you excited?  How do you want to make a difference in our community?  If you see an idea here that really interests you please get in touch with us, if you have additional ones, please share those with us.  Come to our monthly meetings, call (785-4348) or Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer E-Mail e-mail Tina, use our externer Link folgt contact form, or externer Link folgt write a comment under open issues and share it with all that visit



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