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Thank you for opening our guestbook!

Upriver-news.ca went online less than a year ago.  And we have got the first entries, some from far away, many from members of our community.  Thank you to those who made them!  We are smiling :-) ! 

Enjoy browsing and keep them coming !

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Pam Graham from Kelowna, British Columbia


Friday, 18-02-11 20:17
Would like the font to be a bit larger on the website. Otherwise a lovely spot for me to catch up with my friends and family back home. My dad, Everett Beck, used to take us through the old covered bridge at Brown's Yard in the car and he would toot the horn - we loved that sound. Not too many places now to hear it since those bridges are disappearing. How sad.
Now that I have found this site I will be checking in often. Keep up the good work!

Dear Pam,

thank you for your entry in our guest book. Had meant to get back to you a long time ago regarding the suggestion for a larger font.

Our website is designed in such a way, that you can increase the font yourself by holding [ctrl] down and clicking [+] once or more depending on the increase of the size you want, without losing in quality. You will not need to use the horizontal scroll bar and the proportions remain the same. This works with both the Mozilla Firefox and the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Hope you will be visiting us again (online and in real life).

Greetings from the Richibucto River.


Patsy Theriault from Targettville E-Learning Center



Wednesday, 05-01-11 20:59
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Gwyneth Edwards from Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK


Friday, 31-12-10 15:50
What a wonderful site! I'm very interested in your site as my great great grandmother and her daughter emigrated to Rexton 1895/6. Ena married John Grant in 1896 and had a son Roy (Frederick Wm David R Newton Grant) in 1899. Sadly that is where the trail goes cold as Ena died in 1904. So finding your site has enabled me to see what life is like now in the Richibucto area. I think that I'm going to be a regular visitor, just popping in to see you all in the beautiful place you live.
Happy New Year to you all.

Shelley Cail from Harcourt


Monday, 13-12-10 11:34
St. James Presbyterian Church in Beersville is lighting a Christmas Tree in Memory of loved ones. Bulbs are $10. Contact Shelley Cail 785-4323, Susie Campbell 785-4307, or one of the managers. Charitable donation receipts are issued.

George W. Lawson from South Surrey, B.C.


Tuesday, 07-12-10 23:52
Great to see such an effort in creating this site! Speaks well for the community and should enhance the knowledge and positive impression of the area.
Looking forward to many pictures of the beautiful Richibucto River!!!

The best of luck, G.L.

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It is the goal of our guestbook to get some feedback regarding the website upriver-news.ca.  We appreciate criticism just as much as praise and both make us try even harder.  So please let us know what you like and what you would rather have changed.  Responses to individual articles, events, etc can be placed here as well.  If we see that there are many forthcoming, we will open a comment section in the context of the article itself.  In the open issues section we expect discussions and an exchange of ideas, so if you want to participate in this discussion please leave your comment under the relevant article. Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster This link will lead you to the list of open issues.

The entries in this guestbook do not necessarily represent our opinion.  To promote an open exchange of ideas we publish all entries, except those that are clearly illegal, of terrible taste or SPAM entries.  To weed out these problem cases all entries are displayed only after they have been read by a team member.  We are sorry about the resulting delay.

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Friday, 18-02-11 20:17

Pam Graham:

Would like the font to be a bit larger on the website. [...]

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The Targettville E-Learning Centre, located in the [...]

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Gwyneth Edwards:

What a wonderful site! I'm very interested in your [...]

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Shelley Cail:

St. James Presbyterian Church in Beersville is lighting [...]

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George W. Lawson:

Great to see such an effort in creating this site! [...]

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