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Mondays at 07:00 p.m. / Targettville, Community Centre

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French Course at the Targettville CC

Our wish has come true: There will be another course in practical conversational French, this time at the Targettville Community Centre - the last was held at the Bass River Fair Hall.  It will again include ten 90 minute sessions on Monday nights starting at 7:00 pm on October 18th. 

The participants had expressed their desire for a follow-up course at the pot luck dinner that concluded the last session.  We had had a wonderful and fun learning experience, because of the high energy way that the teacher, Katherine Halas Moulton, presented the subject using the Accelerated Integrated Method (AIM), which essentially means that the learning process is made easier by each word being presented and thus associated with an action on part of the teacher (essentially sign language supporting the cognitive capabilities).  We also listened to songs and practiced conversation, even made presentations to the class in a French-only setting (this side of la ligne magique). We got to know each other better and had a lot of laughs while learning more about a language that some of us had not even basic knowledge of and others were much better at than they would admit to.

This new course will be suitable for those that had not taken the first one.  Hoping to see all of the old crew and some new faces there.

Merci beaucoup, Katherine!

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