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the website for people living or visiting near the headwaters of the Richibucto River.


This is a great area to live in, a beautiful countryside, wonderful people, and what else ?

These pages in the world wide web are supposed to tell you what else:

  • they invite you to the Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster events in this area
  • tell you about the many services and products offered by Upriver businesses and other Upriver groups and residents
  • reflect on our geography and history
  • provide a marketplace for needs and offers, through Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster classified ads
  • inspire everybody to make this an even better area to live in by looking at what else we could do together and or for each other, we call this Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster open issues.

They are supposed to, but they are not doing everything yet, to be honest they are still lacking a lot of what we have planned.  Why?  Why are we online if so much is missing?  Well, as you can see the page is technically 80 to 90% complete.  What we now need is content.  This is strictly a volunteer effort, by the people for the people.  The setting up of the website is a token of appreciation by one newcomer to this area, for the warm welcome his family has received, for the kindness shown, for the help offered.  We really appreciate it, we love this area and its people for it. 

Now it is up to our dear fellow Upriver residents to tell the world about themselves, their businesses, their organisations, their interests and to invite their a little further away neighbours to their events, to tackle issues, solve problems together.  Upriver-news.ca is a companion to the printed Upriver-News, that has been delivered to your mailbox three times already, but it does want to do more, take advantage of the many possibilities that the internet offers, that a four page printed product just cannot compete with.  We can offer almost real-time exchange of ideas (interactivity through externer Link folgt comments, a Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster guestbook, etc) and as much information as you are willing to provide.  Not only as much but also as up-to-date information as only the internet and other electronic media can make available.  Use it when you plan your event or your spare-time,  post or search local classified ads, find out more about what is available in this area before you take your money away from the community.  But again we need your help.  How?  Find out more Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster here.

We have the chance to make the Upriver area an even better place to live in for everybody if we do this together.  With the help of partners who support the community in  the Upriver enhancement work, we have already witnessed that quick Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster results are possible and that little actions can make a big difference to get the ball rolling.  Let us continue on this road.

We hope you will think that upriver-news.ca is off to a good start, that in your opinion it could be helpful and that you will use it successfully for yourself and for the other Upriver residents and visitors.

Have a good visit on upriver-news.ca !

Yours truly,


the webmaster

(Armin Arend)


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Upriver Country Market in its 2nd Month

The Upriver Country Market opened its gates on July 2, 2011, A good crowd came to buy products their neighbours made and to just have a good time!  This is what makes our market special beyond the diversified and good local products offered, it is a meeting place, a place of happy chatter - and that as a matter of fact rain or shine as the market on July 30th was proof of. Find out more about what is awaiting you on August 6th, when the Upriver Country Market is going into its second month, by clicking Startet das Herunterladen der Datei here. Please note:  The market hours have been changed to 09:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon to reflect the strong preference for market buyers for the earlier hours of Saturday.

Community Business Directory

The printed Community Business Directory for the Upriver Area should be in your mailbox today, May 2nd.  The online version of the directory went online in the night between May 6th and May 7th.  You can able to select providers by village, product and sector as well as being able to do a full search of the data base, for example by owner.  Follow this Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster link to the directory or find it in the menu on the right under "community".


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